2017-10-06   Invitation to the lecture by Anna Kruszewska.Invitation to the lecture by Anna Kruszewska.

We are pleased to invite you to the lecture by Anna Kruszewska attorney-at-law during seminar on “Copyright law infringement in theory and in practice” organized by the Polish Patent Office. The lecture will be held on October 9th 2017 at Warsaw University of Technology (Mała Aula), from 15.15 to 16.15. The subject of the lecture is: Copyright protection from infringement. We look forward to meeting such great specialists in IP law invited to the seminar. You can find the program and further details here: http://www.uprp.pl/naruszenia-praw-wlasnosci-intelektualnej-w-teorii-i-praktyce-bezplatne-seminaria-urzedu-patentowego-rp/Lead02,58,18872,7,index,pl,text/